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Personal Principles to Help Prevent Emotional and Behavioral Problems


1. Natural birth, typically with a midwife

2. No circumcision

3. Breastfeeding when the infant chooses

4. Continuous body contact for infants using a sling or backpack

5. Immediate comforting

6. Prudent use of non-maternal child care

7. Co-sleeping

8. No corporal punishment for children including infants


In addition, ask three questions about a child care decision.

Is it natural? If we trust and respect nature, we will not lose our own nature.

Does it satisfy the child’s needs? This is a high priority for proper child development.

Does it support the child-mother bond? When the bond between child and mother is disrupted, the bond between child and humanity is disrupted.


1. Communicate what you learn with family and friends who may have future children.

2. Use social media to raise awareness.

3. Contact news organizations and urge more reporting on these issues.

4. Ask local, state, and national politicians to support paid maternal leave policies.


Improve your personal and organization’s effectiveness about preventing emotional and behavioral problems with our other virtual programs for individuals and groups.

Learning more can help you better inform others about these overlooked opportunities to improve our quality of life for family, friends, and society.