Educating About the Origins and Prevention of Emotional and Behavioral Problems

Personal Note

With awareness and compassion derived from my own early trauma and healing, my goal is to make a difference for children and the world. 

What’s done to children, they will do to society. Consequently, we are all affected by what’s done to children. Caring for children is our common concern. I encourage the examination of our beliefs and practices to better serve children. Thanks for your interest in my work, and I hope we can connect to make a difference.                      Ron

Americans have many personal, social, and political problems, and they are increasing in prevalence. Common approaches often lack effectiveness. Creating positive change will require a courageous return to our true nature.

Ronald Goldman, PhD has the knowledge and the compassion to support making this transition. As a psychologist, speaker, writer, and consultant, he has spoken at conferences nationally and internationally, submitted legislative action to improve the welfare of children and society, published articles in professional journals, magazines, and newspapers, received endorsements from dozens of professionals in mental health, medicine, and social science, accepted awards for his educational public service, and inspired many audiences with his musical talent as a singer-guitarist.

Ronald Goldman, PhD can guide us to:

  • Realize the importance of questioning cultural beliefs and practices that do not serve us.
  • Feel more compassion for ourselves and others.
  • Learn principles that can improve the quality of life for our family, friends, and society.
  • Prevent emotional and behavioral problems rather than just tolerating them or trying to fix them.
  • Be inspired to take action that can make a difference.
  • Enrich life with more meaning and purpose.

What People are Saying.....

It is my pleasure to share the overwhelming success of your program. You could not have presented a more thought-provoking lecture. After more than a full week, our people continue to talk about the facts that you presented, which is the strongest statement to your effectiveness with your audience.

— Diane Hoffman, program director

This was an amazing presentation about things that I had not known about before. Very eye-opening! Our beliefs and practices need to change.

— Robert Eaton, management consultant

It was one of the most interesting lectures I have attended. Dr. Goldman was very well organized and thought-provoking. I would recommend this presentation as widely as possible.

— Arthur Berney, retired professor

Very well-done, easy to follow, concise, and clear! Dr. Goldman should be on Dr. Phil!

— Nancy Wainer, midwife, author, and speaker

I liked the diversity of the research. I would definitely recommend this program. It opens up discussion about common beliefs.

— Taunya Stefanski, nurse

Very good, clear presentation. It brings up important issues.

— Florence Freed, professor of psychology

The grandest privilege of those who have the means is to alleviate suffering.”   — Helena Blavatsky