Your lecture got our residents thinking and talking about the topic of violence in our society. When I came in the next day there was a lot of discussion among the residents.

 — Jody Briggs, activities director

Thorough, well-researched, and convincing. Dr. Goldman effectively explains how to help reduce our high rates of violence. I highly recommend this presentation!

 — Gabriell Paye, retired teacher
Ronald Goldman PhD

As a homicide survivor, I had a keen and personal interest in Dr. Goldman’s topic. He clearly presented much relevant and pointed data which supported valid reasons why the USA is a violent country. Since my sister’s murder in 1990, I have wanted to know what can I do to make this country safer. Dr Goldman’s presentation gave me some ideas and most importantly added solace to my soul. Well done!!

 — Lynn Thomas, financial consultant

Great progression from clearly enumerated and explained premises to quite logical and plausible conclusions. I appreciated the way this presentation pointed out certain choices our culture has made about where it places its attention and values.

 — Karl Heinemann, software developer

I liked everything about this presentation. Thanks for the education.

 — Steve Butocu, engineer

This lecture answers questions that I have been thinking about for a long time. Dr. Goldman has done a superior job of pointing out how we perpetuate violence and what we can do about it. I appreciate his insight and caring.

 — Roger Saquet, film producer

Clear, comprehensive, and science-based. Interesting for any age.

 — Sarah Zitter, family therapist

Thank you, Dr. Goldman, for exploring the roots of violence by examining how our children are treated from  the very beginning of their lives.

 — Kathryn Mora, writer, editor, and film producer

Dr. Goldman’s presentation is full of insightful and significant ideas. I think that anyone trying to address the issue of, for instance, bullying, should consider this presentation when working with other professionals and educators in order to tackle the problem.

 Rick Rosenblatt, software developer
Dr. Goldman’s recommendations concerning what does work to prevent violence are extremely convincing. This is a wise, carefully composed, and enormously instructive program.
 David Mohs, software engineer
This presentation pulled together results from numerous research studies to form an integrated picture of the origins of violence. I felt quite moved by the experience. I’d like to see this on Good Morning America!
 Glenn Koenig, video producer

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