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Ronald Goldman, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, writer, consultant, and Director of the Early Trauma Prevention Center in Boston, MA. The Center educates the public and professionals about generally unrecognized, effective ways to deal with the origins and prevention of emotional and behavioral problems that often have overlooked beginnings during infancy. This information supports our common interests and improves personal, social, and political experiences. His decades of work include hundreds of contacts with parents, children, and mental health and medical professionals. 

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. Dr. Goldman’s publications have been endorsed by dozens of professionals in mental health, medicine, and social science. His writing has appeared in newspapers, parenting publications, symposia proceedings, textbooks, and professional journals. See a summary of his perspective at Our Most Important Problem.

He has participated in over 200 media interviews with radio and television shows, newspapers, wire services, and periodicals (e.g., ABC News, CBS News, National Public Radio, Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Scientific American, Parenting Magazine, New York Magazine, American Medical News). Time and Newsweek have contacted him for consultation, and World Beyond War includes him on their Speakers Bureau.

Dr. Goldman presents enlightening programs to professional groups, universities, conferences, organizations, nonprofits, civic, government, and religious groups, parents, and others. A European organization of 47 countries that advocates for common social ideals and principles invited him as the only non-European participant in an interdisciplinary discussion before the Parliamentary Assembly. 

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

                                                                                 Benjamin Franklin

For information about programs, interviews, and consultation,
use 617-523-0075 or info@ronaldgoldmanphd.com.

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